Who Are We?

Music Hall show 2008

Music Hall show 2008

"I declare this fete open"

“I declare this fete open”








Cheer up we're supposed to be on holiday

Cheer up we’re supposed to be on holiday

We are BMEG РBishop Monkton Entertainments Group. We aim to provide varied types of entertainment in our village. The group is run by a committee of volunteers. We have about half a dozen meetings a year at which we simply look at the coming year and plan amateur entertainment in the form of shows, reviews  or perhaps straight plays. Any other entertainment in the village may also be produced by us from time to time, these may be located at any village location.

The limitations of what we can do are bound only by our resources including people and most of all our imagination.

Note: If you would like to influence what we do and join in putting these events on please come forward and join the committee. Please contact us if you can be of help.